Overall conference budget plan

With accumulated years of experience and a large contact base we have the skill to draw up a budget that meets the exact needs of any conference from start to finish.  We have carefully developed an accounts programme that enables us to inform potential organisers of the exact cost of his event and to tailor fit in accordance with his requirements.

Self financing

On demand, Mitos S.A. can “finance” the organisation for any event of which the full management of the whole project has been undertaken. Given the approximate number of participation, will allow us to draw up a budget that breaks even according to the income and expenditure for that particular conference without any charge to the organiser. This plan will also ensure extra revenue.

Promotion and sponsorship

In close collaboration with the organiser, we exploit sources to generate revenue for the support of your conference through programmes, institutions; grants and sponsors.

Financial handling

We operate our online financial handling system in collaboration with our bank’s secure system. We can undertake full financial management including payments, receipt issue as well as tax handling.