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Fira and Akrotiri

(Full day from 40 Euro/Person*)


We will drive you south parallel to the Caldera from Fira with direction to the port; first pass will be by the old mines where it is worth taking pictures of the volcano.
At the end of this straight, ascending to the right towards Akrotiri we enter the area of Megalohori. There are vineyards on both sides of the main road and we will make a stop to visit at least one of them.



(Full day from 40 Euro/Person*)


We will take you to a tour that includes all main villages located on the top of the slope and overlooking the Caldera: Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia. We begin our day from the main square in Firà and take the road towards the north and to the square of Firostefani, extension of Firà. It’s a village that rises along the edge of the slope, with restaurants, hotels and a charming church, Saint Gerasimus, framed by tall cypress trees, which is rather rare in the island.

The Volcano of Santorini

(Full day from 55 Euro/Person*)


We will take you on a short boat trip to visit Palea and Nea Kameni, the two small islands in the centre of the Santorini caldera, “the volcano” according to the locals, the youngest volcanic lands in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Thirasia sea excursion

(Full day from 45 Euro/Person*)


While on Santorini we will take you for a short boat trip to visit Thirassia Island. Thirassia was actually a part of Santorini in the distant past. 

* Minimum 4 Persons

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Driving on the main road, just after Megalohori we make a right turn to Akrotiri. This route has also vineyards and offers spectacular views to the Caldera and the volcano.
After approximately 4 km we arrive at the settlement of Akrotiri with its impressive Goulas.

Passing through it and following the signage we stop outside of the archaeological site of Akrotiri a Minoan Bronze Age settlement on the volcanic Greek island of Santorini (Thera). The name and the population are currently Greek. The civilization of the Bronze Age city, however, shows affinities to early Cretan civilization, which, going by its writing system (Linear A), was undoubtedly not Greek. Following up we will take the road that ends in Kokkini (Red) beach for a quick and refreshing dive into the clear Aegean waters before we proceed for lunch in a nearby tavern and a reviving local coffee.
Alternatively, entering the settlement of Akrotiri we may follow the signs to Akrotiri’s lighthouse. This route is also great, with a view of Thera to the entire Caldera, the volcanoes and Aspronisi.
On the way back we will stroll with you the narrow picturesque streets of Fira and end up enjoying a refreshing ice-cream on a site looking down the magnificent active volcano.

Wear walking shoes, trainers or flat shoes, a sun hat, have your swimming suit and a towel and don’t forget your sunscreen.

Moving from the square towards the north we enter the central area of the village, where we admire the ruins of two old windmills, then, two streets lead to the slope; here Firostefani offers a wonderful view and unique pictures of the Caldera and we will also visit the Catholic Church and the feminine monastery of Saint Nicolas.
We continue to Imerovigli which is located in the middle of the island on its highest point. Crossing the village towards the Caldera a path leads to Skaros. One of the most beautiful walks (about 1 hour going up to Skaros) is to follow the path that leads to the Church of “Theoskepastì”, a white church, built on the top of the rock. This is the most impressive location of the island.

Finally our last stop Oia, the main village in the northern side of the island of Santorini. 
A pretty village of pastel-tinted houses set into the Cliffside and carved into the lava rock. Walls are painted in ochre, window frames and doors are in red travertine. Streets in the town centre, unlike the rest of the island, are paved in marble. Look for paths in the village that will guide you to one of the two black-sand volcanic beaches.
We will not miss to stop by the Naval Museum or make a visit to jewelers’, the galleries of modern art and the local artisans.
Oia is also famous for the most wonderful and romantic sunset which we won’t miss!!

Wear walking shoes, trainers or flat shoes, a sun hat, have your swimming suit and a towel and don’t forget your sunscreen.

The volcano is still active (last eruption in 1950) with some of its craters still releasing volcanic smoke and while walking around the volcano we will see large pieces of magma, evidence of Santorini’s volcanic past, dark-colored dirt and sand that was once lava. The view from the volcano is absolutely breathtaking so don’t miss to take a picture or two!!
We will then visit the hot springs that are located on the island and if you dare you can also swim in them. Another major proof of the strong volcanic activity still today, hot springs have beneficial effects against rheumatisms, arthritis and other diseases.
After we sail back, we will take you for lunch in a beach tavern in Perissa and then for a stroll in the narrow picturesque streets of Fira ending up enjoying a refreshing ice-coffee (“fredo”) on a site looking down the magnificent active volcano.

Wear walking shoes, trainers or flat shoes, a sun hat, have your swimming suit and a towel and don’t forget your sunscreen.

Sometime in the 2nd century BC, however, a huge volcanic explosion split Thirassia off of what’s now considered Santorini. There are only about 300 permanent inhabitants living in Thirassia, most of whom live in the village Manolas, providing a quiet escape from the crowds of Oia, Santorini or even Fira.
From the port of Korfos, we start our climb over about 180 steps to the village of Manolas. Everyone is able to climb there but if you want, you may also take the opportunity to ride a donkey. The spectacular view will make up for all the effort.
We will stroll through the traditional village of Manolas an abandoned cave house, the center of the village and the school. During our hiking tour we will pass through a garden with vegetables, a vine yard and we will find different herbs until we get to Akrilia. Akrilia is a deserted village full of cave houses, which was once the biggest settlement on this island. In the center, we will find and visit the Virgin Mary Church where we share with you interesting information about the Greek religion.
On the way back we will make a stop for a traditional lunch at a local tavern and also relax by going to the beach for a refreshing ice-cream or coffee.
Therasia is a haven of rest that offers striking views of Santorini and the Aegean Sea.

Wear walking shoes, trainers or flat shoes, a sun hat, have your swimming suit and a towel and don’t forget your sunscreen.